iOS 5.1 Doesn’t Fix Battery Drain.

  • November 30, 2011 1:59 pm

Preliminary reports from developers (and the throngs of tech enthusiasts who signed up for an Apple iOS dev license to get early access to updates) is that iOS 5.1 stilL doesn’t help the battery drain issue affecting not only the newer iPhone 4S, but any device with iOS 5 installed.

Apple’s original goal with iOS 5.0.1 was to tackle an apparent issue loosely related to location based services needlessly checking location far too often and leading to battery drain. The problem: the update fixed the battery drain problem for a small number of users. And now that iOS 5.1 has had several days of testing it’s becoming clear that while the update does extend the battery fix to more users, it’s still far from a final solution.

Of course we must all remember that Apple never publicly came out with claims that iOS 5.1 will/would fix any battery issue — the media did. Nonetheless, Apple does know there is a problem. And after seeing these latest reports, it’s apparently they still don’t really know how to completely fix it.

Did you update to iOS 5.1 beta? Let us know your mileage!

Source: AppAdvice | Via: Cnet


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