Samsung Scores A Win. Galaxy Tab Ban Lifted In Austrailia

  • November 30, 2011 7:38 am

If you’ve been one of many sad Australians aimlessly wondering the streets in search of some backdoor dealing Galaxy Tab salesmen in leu of the recent Galaxy Tab ban, you’re in luck! An Australian court has ruled on Samsung’s newly re-designed 10.1″ Galaxy Tab and declared that it can return to Australian shelves — for now.

Samsung is obviously quite happy with the reversal of the sales injunction, though they shouldn’t break out the champagne yet. The actual trial between Apple and Samsung in Australia doesn’t actually start until March of next year. On top of that, Apple has already come out against the ban reversal and voiced their intentions to quickly pounce on the re-designed Galaxy Tab too.

In short: there are still many days of anguish and court room bickering to take place. In the meantime, Australian Galaxy Tab hopefuls, you can pick up your new 10.1″ Galaxy Tab at local retailers beginning this Friday.

Source: Gizmodo Australia | Via: TNW, iDownloadBlog

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