Flog That Horse: Motorola Droid RAZR MAX Revealed In EXIF Data.

  • December 1, 2011 11:58 pm

Did you really think Motorola was going to let a brand name attached to one of the hotest mobile gadgets ever — EVER! — to simply die off?

Motorla could be in the early stages of getting back on the “RAZR” marketing machine…

The Droid RAZR was a big launch for Motorola in a way for the old clamshell Motorola RAZR ushered in a new ear of cellphones. In its time not too many years ago, it was the Jesus phone of featurephones. But we’ve all moved on since then. Not Motorola, apparently.

Pocket Now has discovered a thread on RAZR forums that happens to have some and independently acquired some special pictures. Specifically, the EXIF data on these pictures in question mention a device by the name of “RAZR MAX”. (Shout out to the old RAZR MAXX flip phone.) Similar searching by Pocket Now turned up several more references to said phone all within the last week, with one more eye raising one coming from an actual VZW employee stating Motorola had a “RAZR MAX” in the works.

As for features we obviously haven’t the slightest idea. Our vote would be for a bigger battery. The RAZR’s thinness is great and all, but it’s battery life is merely adequate. Of course, a fatter RAZR kind of detracts from the RAZR name, so…catch 22.

Is Motorola getting ready to jump back on the “RAZR” gravy train? We certainly hope not. It was a great phone that sadly had it’s legacy polluted by subsequent devices of lesser quality and deteriorating uniqueness. With that said, faking EXIF data isn’t exactly rocket science. A bunch of questions that likely won’t be answered for quite some time.

  • Source: RAZR Forums
  • Via: Pocket-Now

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    • http://twitter.com/jugglingwj John Hanlon ?

      I would never own a RAZR simply because of the lack of removable battery. Unless you get iPhone batter life on an Android phone you better have a removable battery.