[Update] Fully Functioning Siri Crack Pops Up On Cydia — Beware.

  • December 5, 2011 10:41 am

News is buzzing today of a new, alleged fully functioning Siri port by the name of “H1Siri” that appeared on Cydia over the weekend. The group behind the hack, “CD-Team”, is relatively unknown in the jailbreak world, and the actual magic behind H1Siri that allows it to succeed where others have failed is also unknown at this point. Some initial reports say H1Siri uses a modified version of the previously shown off SiriProxy that is used to fool Siri into thinking it is talking to official Apple servers when it is instead talking to a privately owned server(s).

If you’d like a crack (no pun intended) at H1Siri, add “Cydia.be” and/or “iphone3gsystem.fr/cydia” repos to Cydia to get access to H1Siri. Current reports floating around the internet point out ongoing connectivity issues with H1Siri, likely related to the huge amount of traffic the servers in question are receiving.

**Because the servers in question are under the management of a relatively obscure hacker team, the cautions against using such a hack are obvious. Personal data is sent via Siri to these 3rd party servers and can in turn be used for malicious purposes as the security (or lack thereof) isn’t known. On top of that, the files needed to make Siri work are property of Apple — this hack is almost certainly illegal to obtain and use.

If you’re still a bit leery, and we don’t blame you if you are, hop past the break for a quick video showing off the hackery in action…


TechCrunch is reporting that various users of H1Siri are reporting a slew of issues including ” cause random reboots, break the camera, brick the phone, mess up the Settings app, and iPhone’s getting stuck at the Apple logo”. Probably good to stay away from this, at least mainstream/casual users.


  • Source: iClarified
  • Via: 9to5Mac

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    • http://Gadgetsteria.com Jordan Carpenter

      I wouldn’t recommend downloading the hack, because it is obviously utilizing Apple’s copyrighted material. We don’t support piracy so please make sure you own an iPhone 4S before installing this on your iPhone 4.