Legitimate “Google Phone”, Galaxy Nexus, Won’t Ship With Google Wallet Per Verizon’s Wishes.

  • December 5, 2011 9:22 pm

If there was ever an example to perfectly exemplify Google’s problem with Android, the Galaxy Nexus is the shinning example. But wait a minute? Isn’t the Galaxy Nexus the who’s who of Android phones in 2011? Well, yes. Yes it is. Unfortunately there’s a big problem. Google’s latest and greatest “Google Phone” and first device to showcase Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the Galaxy Nexus, won’t ship with one of Google’s own services — Google Wallet.

This omissions was confirmed by Computer World’s JR Raphael whom cites a Google spokesperson as giving the official word and saying it was ultimately Verizon’s decision to nix Google Wallet compatibility. In it’s place will (unconfirmed) will likely be Verizon’s own mobile wallet NFC-based solution.

In short: this is unacceptable. A “Google Phone” is supposed to be just that — a phone chock full of Google’s own services which offer an escape from traditional manufacturer and carrier bloatware. Speaking of which, the Galaxy Nexus will also have to deal with some new software additions of its own. Yup. Bloatware.

Android 4.0 is great and all, but the “one more thing” moments with the Galaxy Nexus are really starting to change our mood from ecstatic to disappointed. You could argue we’re making a mountain out of a mole hill. To that we’ll simply invite you to look at the bigger picture. The Galaxy Nexus is one phone, one phone that Verizon has now somewhat gimped. With that said, what does that do to the imaginary line Google had drawn for Nexus branded hardware, hardware that has up until now been free of just about any and every piece of manufacturer and carrier BS?


  • Source: ComputerWorld

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    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7R32ESVPOVLFNVEMFP3UTYZFG4 theWUbear

      “ Galaxy Nexus will also have to deal with some new software additions of its own”. Some = two, Mike, and as per ICS they are removable. They are the verizon minutes-tracker (myverizon) and contacts backup program (backup assistant). Barely even fit the definition of bloatware. Did I mention google wallet has already been ported onto the Galaxy Nexus unofficially? This article: two thumbs down

      • Mike Norris

        You’re missing the point. As a Nexus branded device there shouldn’t be any bloatware and certainly no missing apps based on carriers’ own wishes.

        It starts here with (I’ll give you that) two useful apps and a smaller feature, google wallet. How far will it go?

      • Anonymous

        I agree with what you just said theWUbear, but myverizon and backup assistant aren’t going to be removable without root. You’ll have the “disable” button in the properties of the app, which will basically put it in a titanium-like freeze state which is just as good because those are some tiny apks.