Apple Having Trademark Issues Of Their Own, Doesn’t Own “iPad” Trademark In China.

Similar to RIM’s own ongoing issue with losing the “BBX” trademark to BASIS International Ltd., Apple is apparently experiencing their own licensing snafu. As it currently stands, Apple could be forced to sell the iPad under a new name should Chinese company, Proview Technology, emerge victories in ongoing lawsuits with Apple.

The backstory: Proview sold the “Global iPad” trademark to a British company by the of IP Application Development in 2000 for ~$55,000. In 2006 Apple bought said trademark from IP Application Development. Fast forward to the here and now when Proview begins using the iPad name to which Apple sues.

The current situation: Proview claims that the original sale of the Global iPad trademark from themselves to IP Application Development never included the rights to Chinese trademark ownership, as it didn’t belong to their specific company, but instead a separate Taiwanese unit.

Proview is gold digging asking for $1 billion in damages. If Apple loses their courtroom battle, they’ll either have to pay up or find a new catchy name for the iPad in China.

  • Source: Fox News
  • Via: SAI