This Guy Tweeted Via Snail Mail With People Halfway Across The World.

  • December 20, 2011 9:56 am

Banging out tweets is usually a quick affair whether by computer or mobile device. Technology has made our lives so fast paced, sometimes we forget the simpler, slower methods of communicating — Snail Mail. But could you actually get the same level of interaction that one of the fastest modern communication hubs, Twitter, provides via traditional mail service?

A freelance writer by the name of Giles Turnball asked himself that very same question until one day, he did just that. After confirming several volunteers, Giles began sending/replying to tweets via post card. As you can gather, responses from Giles took many days and even strenched into the week time frame.

“The mechanics of it took a while to work out. Most difficult was replicating my personal Twitter timeline—how could I post the same thing to everyone? Well, by writing it out lots of times.

For those “public” tweets, I wrote the same thing out 15 times, on 15 cards, and sent them to 15 different people. This took every moment as long as you might think; possibly a little longer.

Other tweets were easier to do. The analogue of sending an @reply or a DM is simply sending one card to one person. Much simpler. Soon after starting the project, I settled on these as the best way of communicating.”

While it’s not something we’d readily embark on, we commend Giles for his Tweet-by-Post project. At the very least it’s intriguing, no?

  • The Morning News
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