CES 2012: X-Doria iDevice Protection

  • January 11, 2012 11:05 am

Through out our wanders yesterday we happened to stroll by a booth that had about 10 iDevices laying around with cases strewn about. We walked on in to see what was going on because we are in iPhone case mode and what we found was actually quite interesting. They had your normal every day cases, but some of the designs were actually quite nice. Their website has most of those cases on them to look at. Different styles ranging from leather to plastic. They have them for iPhones, iPads and iPods.

The product that X-Doria had that really caught our eye was the Defense Pro. I have personally never been attracted to a lot of cases out there because of the bulk they add to the gorgeous iPhone, so I’ve always leaned towards using protective skins. When he was showing us the Defense and the Defense Pro, we were blown away. We couldn’t even tell it was on there. The greatest part about the Defense Pro, other than the self-healing material, is how the application takes place. If you’ve ever used BodyGuardz or Zagg, you’ll know that bubbles are our worst nightmare. Defense Pro utilizes an iOS app that places a grid on your screen that lines up with the skin itself and the grid printed on a top layer of the material. You line up the lines with the lines on the iOS app and the result is a bubbles-less protection for your iDevice.

Their website is up, but they are an incredibly new company. Look out for their products this Spring and hopefully check back here for a review.

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