CES 2012 Exclusive: Western Digital WD2go 2.0…And Some Other Stuff

  • January 12, 2012 7:12 pm

Western Digital didn’t have a huge presence at this year’s CES, but they made a big impact on us here at Gadgetsteria. A blogger meet-up was scheduled last night and after a long trek through the Caesar’s Palace, we finally made it to the event. As we drank our beverages we were given a sneak peak at their new line of drives featuring Apple’s highly utilized Thunderbolt technology. A handful of companies had Thunderbolt hard drives announced and demoed over the week, and as we have seen all of them running we were really impressed by what WD had to offer. These were unannounced prior to CES, as was most of the stuff we saw that night.

We’ll touch on that a bit inside, but what we are really excited about is the update to Western Digital’s WD2go mobile app. We got a demo of the new UI in action across iOS, and after being told no about the pictures and only given permission to do a write up, we were finally granted access to a full suite of shots and an in-depth look into the 2.0 update.

Hop on in for a full gallery and the highlights of everything we saw at the event…

As we ogled over the WD Thunderbolt drives, 4 daisy-chained together to be exact, we saw speeds we weren’t seeing with any of the other HDD companies. With write speeds of around 450MB/s and read speeds topping 780MB/s, we were highly impressed. 4TB and 6TB models will be offered, and daisy-chaining topping out at 24TBs, the storage capabilities are endless. We were told that during their tests, they were seeing even higher speeds. We’ll be hopefully hearing and seeing more as the year progresses, and we will definitely have a review unit as soon as our sample arrives.

The enclosure come with 2 Thunderbolt ports on the rear of the unit and contain two swappable 3.5 inch drives. The style, if you are familiar with WD hard drives, is similar to what we’ve seen in years past. We love the speeds we see with Thunderbolt and to quickly back up all of your precious moments using Thunderbolt, why not do it with Western Digital.

What we were shown next is some of the nicest stuff we’ve seen all week. If you know me or have figured out from what I post, I love iOS. I have never used the WD2go, but got a glimpse into how the previous version looked. It was not a pretty UI and really didn’t show off the beauty of iOS. To give you a little background into what the WD2go/Pro app did, when setting up and using a Western Digital MyBook Live, being able to broadcast all of your stored files over WiFi and 3G through the app on your iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices. Having that access anywhere you go is an amazing feature.

With the 2.0 version, you not only get the newly designed UI, but they wised up and gave us a data management feature and Dropbox support. With the latter, you are able to grab and move files between all of your NAS servers as well as Dropbox. You can be across the country and as long as your NAS is shouting all of your information, you can pop open the app and search through all of your movies, music and files. You can immediately stream any content that you might have, as well as download it straight to your device. No more clogging up your internal memory on your mobile device. Save that space for apps, one of those apps being the WD2go 2.0!

The update is due out sometime this April, but we are trying to get our hands on a beta version to get you all a review. This was announced quietly, as it is still in beta stages and has some bugs. But once released, Western Digital has big plans to improve on all the features. We were able to discuss options and useful additions to the app for a decent amount of time. What they have done with this app is insane. The option to have our own personal cloud to access and share our information with everyone has always been an amazing idea. Western Digital is doing it the right and we look forward for this release all future updates. WD2go is a free app available now, WD2go Pro is $2.99.

We have exclusive pictures and a short video of the movie clip streaming from NAS server, to iPad, to AppleTV. All through their newly designed WD2go iOS app below…



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