Review: Speck SeeThru For MacBook Air

  • January 25, 2012 1:11 am

I know what you’re thinking; “why in the flipping World would I want to cover up that gorgeous aluminum piece of pure sex?!?” Well, I never thought I would either. But while we were trolling the show floor a couple weeks ago, I found myself drooling over the cases that were at my finger tips. With so many to choose from, it’s kind of hard to even know where to start. But if you’ve owned an iDevice for any length of time, the word Speck probably means more than that little piece of dust that is stuck under your protective skin on your iPhone.

We happened to make our way to the Speck on a Wednesday afternoon because of some free beer. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wanted to hit it up because of a certain CandyShell View Case that they were showing off. I wanted to see about picking one up to make my plane ride home a tad bit more enjoyable. To my dismay they were plum out except for what they had on display, but that sure as hell didn’t mean Mike and I got some serious goodies from the great people working the floor. I inquired about something for my little old 11″ MacBook Air and was handed a shiny blue SeeThru to try out.

How did it fare? Will I keep using it? Does it keep me from waking up in cold sweat after having vicious nightmares about scratching the Apple logo on the outside of the laptop? I guess you’re just gonna have to hit ‘continue’ to find out!!!


Well, there isn’t much to the design on this one folks. The MacBook Air is about as small as they come. But what the Speck SeeThru does well is not really cover up the glorious beauty that is an Apple product. The SeeThru hugs the MacBook Air tight, and completely protects the outer being of the laptop. With the exception of a couple of small cut outs for all of your various ports, nothing can get to the outside of your MacBook Air.

This is what I like. I have only paid out of pocket for the first iPhone I ever purchased, since then, because of my sweet taking-care-of abilities, I am able to sell it for enough to cover the next version released. This is pretty much my plan for MacBook Airs. I’ll only have to worry about greasy fingers on the inside while wearing this case. The durable and shatter-proof polycarbonate shell does an outstanding job at protecting your MacBook while keeping the design in mind.

I was highly surprised at how this fit on. Mike and I were hustling back from our exclusive hands on at Western Digital when I thought I should go ahead an plop the case on. I was a bit confused when I saw no signs of how this was going to attach itself to my Air. I thought I’d give it a whirl, and after about 10 seconds I had the case snapped on and hugging my oh-so-slim MacBook Air. Not only is it just as slim and sleek as the Air is, but it is also extremely light. Not much changed in terms of weight while wearing the case either. This part was also very important to me. I don’t want to sacrifice the light weight of an 11″ MacBook Air for anything, and Speck hits the nail on the head with this.

The last thing I really feel I should mention is the heat distribution. I am always worried about how hot my gadgets are running. And after having this case on for a couple of days, I didn’t have to even think about it. The case is fully vented for proper heat distribution. While running iStat with and without the case on, I only noticed a small hike in the temperature when running a movie. Other than that, it stayed pretty consistent.


As much as I hate to see my beautiful Air covered up, if I feel the need to sacrifice something that should always be naked for safety - Speck is probably how I am going to go about it. With 3 colors to choose from (Clear / Red / Blue), a sleek design that fits snug instead of adding bulk - the Speck SeeThru is one of the best cases on the market. The case in no way takes away from the design and lightweight features that the MacBook Air has. My only gripe, and this is really my only gripe - the price. I feel a $49.95 price tag is a little steep. I know that the company is damn popular and makes owns the competition in creative yet stylish cases, but for what we’re getting, I think cutting 10 bucks off would be very fair.

Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 4/5

If Speck were to drop the price to $39.99, I would gladly bump my rating up to a 5 out of 5. Other than that, this is a great case to have protecting your beautiful MacBook Air! Stroll on over to Speck’s website to check out the options for all of your devices - Speck


Thanks to Speck for the review sample.

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