Rumor: Next Gen iPhones Running Around Foxconn With 4″ LG Display.

  • January 25, 2012 1:03 pm

When Apple sailed through last summer without a new iPhone in sight, tech gurus cried out how it was going to be devastating for Apple’s market share and bottom line. But as we’ve seen over the last few days, nothing could be further from the truth. Along the same lines, Apple usually keeps to a pretty rigid yearly upgrade cycle for most of their hardware, the iPhone being a chief example of such a schedule. So after last years October release common sense would indicate the next-gen iPhone dropping October 2012. Right?

According to a new post on 9to5 Mac, Apple is going to throw us a curve ball by moving back to a summer release for the next-gen iPhone. Citing a “reliable” and close source, Foxconn is already prepping production for the iPhone 4S’ successor, and even claims to have seen many different (slight) variations of the next-gen device floating around. The source is quick to note, however, that none of the spied models are the “official”/final next-gen iPhone.

Considering Apple’s long held tradition of secrecy, the multi-device demos floating around isn’t surprising. What’s more exciting is that the source claims the new iPhone is longer/wider than the iPhone 4/4S thanks to — drumroll please — a 4″ display (one of which is supposedly manufactured by LG). The source also notes that the device is uniform in thickness (read: not tapered/teardropped as previously rumored).

We’re not so sure Apple would go a mere 8-10 months between major iPhone refreshes. But…stranger things have happened. We’re going to keep a few grains of salt close by just in case. You?

  • Source 9to5Mac

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