Peek Hardware Going The Way Of The Dodo.

  • February 2, 2012 8:28 am

Well this is going to sting a bit — the flash in the pan “Peek” branded hardware that brought simple email (and later social networking) to a small army of humans is going buh-bye. Peek CEO Amol Sarva blamed the death of the hardware portion of Peek as being a result of changing carrier needs, cellular protocols, and simply a lack of money being invested towards hardware. Moving forward, Peek’s software will see its way into a number of OEM solutions with Android partners and cloud solutions, according to Sarva.

As for justifying the $299 “lifetime” payment for service, Sarva said the up to 28 months some users received was “better than what one would have gotten out of a traditional ~$20/month data service”. As much as it stings to pay for something marketed as “unlimited/forever”, the harsh reality is that such terms have never existed. In the mobile world you’re living on borrowed, finite time.

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