Samsung Galaxy S II+ To Launch With Android 4.0 As Stop Gap Until Galaxy S III Launch Later This Year.

  • February 2, 2012 2:25 pm
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Why hello there, Galaxy S II+. The big difference (in case you were wondering) between the gem above and your typical GSII currently on the market — Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the removal of physical buttons in favor of ICS-loving capacitive ones. Internal specs are likely to remain nearly identical to the Galaxy SII, though, we also wouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung bump the MHz up a couple hundred and/or pop a qHD display into the 4.3-incher’s frame to replace the aging 480 x 800 display.

We’re kind of on the fence. While it’s nice for Samsung to get an ICS device out there, especially considering ICS has been available now since November, we’d much rather see them stop with these almost pointless stop-gap releases. Save your money and stop wasting our time; give us unique, new phones spread across slightly longer refresh intervals.

Nonetheless, if the Galaxy S II+ happened to cross paths with us, we’d be inclined to pick it up. Considering the Galaxy S III won’t be debuting at MWC, our money is on this as a near-term solution to anxious upgraders looking for something to drop a few bills on.

  • Source Eldar Murtazin (Twitter)
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