Windows Phone 8 Details Revealed: 2x The Cores, More Pixels, Windows 8 Integration And More!

  • February 2, 2012 1:26 pm
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Microsoft’s mobile future is looking a bit brighter today after details of their next-gen “Apollo” update ( aka: Windows Phone 8 ) were revealed by PocketNow. While there are certainly going to be a slew of details trickling out over the next several months, the big takeaways include improvements in mobile-to-cloud and cloud-to-desktop synchronization and removing the need for manual syncing, better Xbox Live/gaming features, support for dual-core processors and higher resolution displays, NFC, continuing improvement of Marketplace ecosystem — Microsoft claims over 100,000 Windows Phone apps will be available in the fourth quarter of 2012 — as well as more rigid corporate/business features like 128-bit encryption and more robust data management.

What’s most intriguing, though, is that Microsoft will reportedly drop support for the desktop Zune music app and turn back towards an Active Sync-like syncing solution.

With Windows 8 slated for sometime later this year and (rumors pointing to) Windows Phone 8 in the 4th quarter, Microsoft’s holiday 2012 could be quite the revaluation compared to 2011.

We’re eager to get more into Windows Phone, but so far, a few of our most favorite apps haven’t made the jump yet. We’re confident, however, that the continuing trend of increasing app counts in the Marketplace are a sign that adoption by end users and developers is at least moving in the right direction. Who knows. Maybe this time next year we’ll be rockin’ a Windows Phone 8 device instead of an iPhone…

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