[Update] Software Copyright Lawsuits And IP Bickering Is Getting Ridiculous. [Apple And Motorola]

  • February 3, 2012 7:47 am
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The constant back and forth fighting over old, outdated and common sense patents and IP is getting ridiculous. Seriously. Look no further than this morning’s news which sees Apple and Motorola currently battling it out in Germany over email push services (the biggest infringement claim, according to Motorola). The initial result of the two cases is a permanent injunction on Apple’s iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPads in their German online store. (It’s worth noting that Apple retail stores and authorized Apple resellers can still sell the banned Apple gear because of how Apple separates their businesses.)

Florian Mueller from FOSS Patents believes the new injunction is actually the result of a case that took place back in November of 2011, and is coincidence that the new lawsuit(s) and their outcomes are being announced at the same time iPhones and iPads are disappearing from Apple’s German online store.

Motorola is now deciding on whether or not to enforce a patent on high-end, highly advanced pieces of mobile gadgetry (iPhones/iPads) with a patent that pertains to pagers and push services like email. Yes. Fucking pagers from the dawn of the mobile industry. The fact that a company (regardless of who it is) can stop another company with a patent, that by this time should have been invalidated/rendered a museum artifact, is mind boggling and troubling to me. Even more disturbing: Motorola is looking to use the same patent(s) in question to sue Apple in U.S. court, too.

In order for Apple to comply, they’ll have to either (1) license motorola’s pager technology or (2) remove the feature in question. So Germans will have to either get non-push iCloud email or Apple will have to figure out another way to push email to devices — all stuff that should be common IP not “owned” by anyone at this point.

Innovation around the world isn’t being hampered by copying between companies/people. It’s being hampered by useless and unnecessary lawsuits that do nothing but fund IP lawyers’ fancy houses and extreme vacations while the rest of us suffer.

This has got to stop.


The same German court that issued the injunction be enforced beginning this morning has pulled it (for now). If they haven’t already, expect Apple’s online German store to once again see iPhones and iPads available for order and shipment.

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