Speck CandyShell - Review & Roundup

  • February 4, 2012 3:34 am
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If you have spent any time hanging out at the GS headquarters, or even read the site once in a while, by now you have probably noticed we like iPhone cases. When I say we like them, I mean we like to review the heck out of them. I personally hate iPhone cases for the pure fact it takes away from the beauty of the iPhone. But when someone sends me a case to review, I won’t say no. I’ll give em a shot and see how they stand up to my sweaty 8bit-blistered fingers day in and day out.

If you recall, a few weeks ago we were trolling the streets of Vegas and the Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. A tiny little tech convention that goes by the name of CES was in town and we were there to not only check out the Thunder From Down-under, but to also see all the latest technology being announced. We happened by the Speck booth to see their new line of cases and see if they had anything else worthy of our magnificent eyes. We left with not only a sweet MacBook Air case, but we also left with over9000 iPhone cases. I am here to give you the lowdown on what is coming out of the Speck castle to protect your iPhone 4/4S.

Drop on in for some Specky good times and read our oh-so-nasty important thoughts…

CandyShell Card

My favorite of the cases I have been using from Speck would have to be the CandyShell Card. This case came in very handy while Mike and I were invited broke into numerous after-parties. I found myself dumping my wallet into my bag and forgetting about it. Speck claims up to 3 creditcards fit perfectly. I’ll agree with these claims as I stuck my ID, credit card as well as my hotel room key in slot on the reverse side of the CandyShell Card. The case offers great protection, as I had dropped the phone once during my use with it. Especially from the back as it has the second layer over the cards.

The CandyShell Card comes in 6 different colors and offers great protection as well as a very handy slot for your clubbing belongings! Coming in at $39.95 we recommend this to anyone that wants to ditch their purse and hubby at home! You must beware the level of difficulty there is to be had when attempting to remove your phone from this case, it took me a good few minutes to even slightly get it out. So if you are going to put your phone in this case, plan on leaving it there for a while :)

CandyShell Flip

Next on our list is the CandyShell Flip. This is the perfect case for those of you that use the Apple dock for syncing/charging your iPhone. A convenient bottom lip flips up for a perfect fit into the dock. I liked the design of the Flip. A glossy finish on the back and sleek design offer up some additional flare over the traditional CandyShell. You’ll have problems using this in any docking station not designed for cases other than the Apple Dock. If you are looking for a case that will work with that, then this will be what you want.

3 snazzy colors and serious protection. I find the $34.95 price tag to be a tad high. I understand that Speck is the beast they are, but for this case, it just seemed a little over priced. It does land at the same price range as the standard CandyShell case, so I guess that is a bonus!


The MightyVault is one of the reasons I don’t like cases for my iPhone. I understand the protection that is needed, but why stand in line for days just to hide it. Anyways, I’ll put that aside and give you my thoughts on this case. If you want protection, and I mean protection against the likes of Chuck Norris, the MightyVault should be at the top of your list. Some construction background is needed when attempting to install your phone into the case, as there are multiple layers you’ll have to peel through. But once in, your phone will be safe from all types of clumsy human stupidity. I was actually somewhat pleased with the sleekness this case offers. When I think of maximum protection, I think of some of those gigantic cases that look like Buick Skylark.

With 3 colors to choose from, you don’t have to lug around an extra 3 pounds in a case. The three layers of protection include a two-layer co-molded inner vault with a silicone gasket band. Over your precious screen is a screen protector that doesn’t affect usage at all. All of your buttons and ports are protected and covered, but still allowing easy access. Speck is even nice enough to through in a detachable holster with rotating belt clip. The nice feature about this attachment is that it doubles as a viewing stand. I did use it for that for an episode of Justified while riding the train to work. The MightyVault will set you back $49.95, but for the level of protection you’re buying into, it seems extremely fair.


Last but certainly not least is the original CandyShell iPhone case. I don’t care who you are, you’ve either owned one, seen one, lusted after one, or made fun of one. These have been around for a very long time and have been the top case for so many iPhone consumers. Speck started this back when they were first producing cases for the iPod. 10 years later and they are creating cases that will fit each and every lifestyle. Combining the hard and soft rubbery feel has been perfected over the years and I’ll admit, after using all of these cases for the last couple weeks, I am starting to become a fan. I was never fond because of the flashy cases they offer, but I’ve been sucked in after using them.

And with 15 colors to choose from, the CandyShell will be sure to please any iPhone user. The case will hug your iPhone very well. The case isn’t as bulky as I once assumed. I loved how it didn’t add much weight to my 4S and kept a sleek appearance. This case was probably the easiest to remove. I’ll admit, even though I didn’t enjoy the color I had, this was a nice case to use. The CandyShell will set you back $34.95, again, I still find this to be a tad bit pricey.


Speck made me smile when I gave their SeeThru case for the MacBook Air a try, and they did it again with their CandyShell line. I wouldn’t find myself purchasing and using these cases on my own time, as they aren’t my style. But after some time with these I did come to appreciate what they are doing. They are offering so much to the consumer. Great features and outstanding protection. Tons of different colors to choose from, everyone will be able to find something they like.

I recommend everyone head on over to Speck and check out all of their products for the iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook line. They even have some stuff for you eReader folks out there.


I would like to thank Speck for all the great samples to try out!

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