Another Day, Another Google Wallet Security Bug.

It may sound like everyone in the world is picking on Google/Google Wallet/Android about “security”. Truth be told, we’re not meaning to (at least not today). But this latest issue is something that Google Wallet users will want to know as it could put them in the financial hot seat should their phone be lost, stolen or simply sold.

The new bug: A thief/hacker can delete the user data for Google Wallet on the device, set up a new account complete with new pin, and then select an option to use a previously used/saved pre-paid card.

Bug #2 was found by TheSmartphoneChamp team and have backed it up with video proof. We’d try it ourselves but we don’t have a Google Wallet capable device. That said, the same way to protect yourself in this instance (similar to the first security scare from earlier this week) is to put either a password or lockscreen pattern on your phone. It might be inconvenient for you now, but we’re fairly certain having to deal with stolen money/personal information will be a much bigger pain in your ass should your phone get snatched.

  • Source TheSmartphoneChamp
  • Via AndroidGuys