Nokia’s Mobile World Congress Lineup Reportedly Leaked.

Mobile World Congress is now two weeks (and counting) away. The sheer amount of mobile and tablet news is going to be both exhilarating and deafening. But one of the most important companies to show off their latest ‘wares at MWC may have had their cat escape from the bag a bit early.

PocketNow is reporting that Nokia’s MWC lineup has been leaked. The three phones worth acknowledging include a global Lumia 900 (Lumia 910 for non-US market?), an entry-level device carrying the name Lumia 610, and the Nokia 808 PureView. Also in route are three Symbian S40 phones (Asha 302, Asha 203, and Asha 202). The global Lumia 900/910 will ship with the U.S. version’s larger 4.3″ display but lack LTE. While the lack of LTE could be considered a major bust for Nokia’s flagship device, many people who either (1) don’t have access to an LTE network or (2) simply don’t want to deal with battery drain might say otherwise.

Details are still a bit sketchy on the devices above. But rest assured, as MWC news picks up so shall we.

  • Source PocketNow
  • Via IntoMobile