ThinkGeek’s Valentine’s Day Guide - Get That Nerd In Your Life Something Special

I was asked a few days ago if I wanted to do a feature on ThinkGeek’s Valentine’s Day gifts. Of course I jumped at the chance to see what ThinkGeek was pushing for the naked little baby’s bow and arrow holiday.

I’m not going to go into how amazing ThinkGeek is because I am assuming everyone out there already knows a little something about the website. Whether you have a Star Trek related something or other, or even a Bacon Snuggie, pretty much everyone has at least heard of the notorious site.

We were sent a few items from the Valentine’s Day list to feature for this write up, and we’ve been enjoying every second of them. Hop on in for some pictures and some info at what ThinkGeek is featuring, and get some geeky gifts for your sweetheart by Tuesday!

8-Bit Flower Bouquet

We here at GS love our 8-Bit past. We <3 the crap out of our old NES games, and love everything missing of pixels.

When we first saw the 8-Bit Flower Bouquet, we wanted nothing but to turn back time and have our wives walk down the isle holding these. No matter what you get your nerdy girlfriend or wife, I highly recommend picking up one of these. I showed this to my wife and her face lit up and was so excited to get this on our computer desk.

This little retro bouquet looks amazing on a desk or even hanging from you wall. With two little notches in the back, it'll easily hang from any wall. The bouquet comes with a stand to stick to the back for easy display. I will say that it's somewhat of a chincy stand, but that doesn't take away how amazing this really is.

For only $9.99, you'll be able to 8-Bit decorate your way into the 1980's!

Zombie Chocolates

These were sent to me, I have seen them on the website, but as of writing this, they are no longer offered at ThinkGeek. Hopefully they’ll be back.

These are amazing little Valentine’s Day chocolates. Don’t get the usual bland box of chocolates for you girly friend, get her some cherry brain filled zombie chocolates! These come in the cutest little box decked out with blood splatter and shotguns.

Each chocolate is molded to look like a zombie’s head, and inside is filled with luscious cherry braaaaiiins. I am Vegan, but my wife gave these a try and said they were actually really good. Layers of chocolate and a firm chunk of cherry create a neat way to give a standard gift. The box alone is worth whatever the price may have been.

If these every come back to the site, I highly recommend picking up a box!

Pavina Double Wall Glasses

The Pavina Double Wall 8oz. glassware set is a cool way to drink your whiskey. The glasses create the appearance that your liquid is floating in the glass. Not only will you have something cool to look at as you get sloshed, but there is so much more lying in these amazing little glasses. The double layer has so many different functions. I’ve been drinking for a couple hours now, and even though I haven’t let the liquid sit in the glass for a long period of time, the time it was in there, it seemed to keep the temperature a lot longer than usual.

With claims of hot and cold beverages staying hot or cold longer, the Pavina glasses also keep condensation from building up on the outside of the glass and ruining that table or desk! This is a huge win for me, as all of my furniture is from iKea, and doesn’t take too kindly from liquid. These glasses are stronger than your typical glasses because they substitute boron oxide for the soda and lime in lesser glassware. So these little guys will not get cloudy or scratched, and will last a hell of a lot longer than your average piece of crap less nerdy glasses!

Pick up a set of two for only $17.99 now for that whiskey drinker in your life!

8-Bit Tie

Last but certainly not least is the 8-Bit Tie.

I’m sure that everyone has at least heard of this little guy. For those that haven’t, it’s one of the classiest yet nerdiest pieces of swag anyone man can own. Whether you want to show the interviewer how 1337 you are, or if you are looking for a way to dress up while going to the arcade, the ThinkGeek 8-Bit Tie will be all you need.

Each tie is handmade with the best polyester ThinkGeek could find. The 8-Bit Tie will look good in no matter what you wear.

The tie is a clip on to since the standard triangle knot wouldn’t be the cube-ish shape you come to expect from the brick breaking style you grew up with.

So no matter who you are, what you wear, you might as well drop $14.99 (On sale now!!!) to geek it up with ThinkGeek’s 8-Bit Tie!

Wrap Up

All of these items plus over 75 more are available for the nerd in your life. Items ranging from Candy Unicorn Horns to Star Wars cufflinks, there isn’t a gift you can find for the loved one in your life. We suggest hopping over to ThinkGeek, filling up your shopping cart and get gifts that mean so much more than candies and roses. You still have time to get the gifts by Valentine’s Day, choose overnight shipping and you’ll have the items on Tuesday.

Drop on over to the Valentine’s Day Guide and enjoy your time at the site!