Android 4.0.3 ICS ROM For Samsung Galaxy Note Leaks!

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a pretty unique device. It’s far too big to seriously be used as a phone, though too small for the super heavy media-centric focus tablets normally command. But even still, we found the Note to be pretty entertaining to use back at CES in January. The only problem: a lack of Android 4.x. Correction: was a problem.

A new Android 4.0.3 ROM has leaked for the Galaxy Note bringing with it all of ICS’ awesomeness. That said, before you fly off the cuff to find the ROM for installation, we must stress there is one big omission: no official Google apps. You’ll have to do some creative internet hunting/side loading. If you can get past that small issue, things are more or less smooth sailing. According to GSM Arena, the 4.0.3 ICS ROM on the Note is pretty speedy, and even manages to include a few new (albeit minor) features too. Example: The battery icon can now have the percentage overlaid on top of the icon. Also, there is a tweaked notification drop down, a faster browser and a unique one-handed keyboard for times in which two-handed use is out of the question.

As far as UI changes go, they’re there. Small. Minor. Still TouchWiz-ified. One thing we liked, however, is that Samsung got rid of the cartooney status bar icons for things such as the battery and signal meter. It’s a small succession that is one small step closer to stock Android. And while we’d wish for larger steps backing away from TouchWiz, we’ll take anything we can get at this point.

Interested individuals looking for the ROM need only hit up this thread over at XDA.


  • Via GSM Arena