Rumor: Next-Gen Xbox Carries “Durango” Code Name

The next-gen Xbox has been rumored for “upcoming release” for the last several years. And yet each new years we (sadly) welcome a new calender number without a new Xbox in tow. Because of that, any information we can glean regarding the next-gen Xbox is something worth talking about in our eyes. That said, while Microsoft still isn’t saying anything about the Xbox 360′s successor, gaming site Kotaku is reporting that the code-name for the next-gen Xbox is “Durango”. The name is of course unconfirmed and highly unlikely to be the actual name once the new console ships. Still, it’s interesting to know. If you happen to see the name “Durango” in reference to a Microsoft built gaming console, don’t hesitate to shoot us a link.

  • Source Kotaku
  • Via Ubergizmo