Upcoming LG Miracle Windows Phone Gets The Video Treatment

The LG Miracle is a not-so-secret Windows Phone that’s had it’s face sexted around the blogosphere a time or too. And yet, no matter how many early leaks we see of a device, seeing another is always welcome. That said, some dude got lucky and managed to buy a pre-release LG Miracle from a tester who posted it up on eBay. The next step, of course, involved making a hands-on video and then posting it to YouTube for the rest of us to enjoy. Speaking of enjoyment, the middle of the road specs (1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 512 MB RAM, 4″ WXGA NOVA display, 5mp camera, NFC) won’t satisfy the hardcore phone junkies based of their specs alone. Then again, Windows Phone has never really wowed anyone when it comes to paper specs because, honestly, they don’t really matter. But alas, such is an argument for a different day. Check out the LG Miracle video below.


  • Source Mobilissimo.ro
  • Via PhoneArena