PlayBook News: New Bluetooth Keyboard Case Coming March 23rd, App Created To Control RC Car

RIM’s PlayBook is still fighting a battle to remain relevant but that isn’t stopping developers and accessory manufacturers from searching for potential profit. And the one accessory that is actually quite important to PlayBook owners (and tablet owners as a whole) is a wireless keyboard attachment. The unit above, first seen many weeks back, will reportedly act as a case and rechargeable battery (~30 days). Shipping is listed as beginning on March 23rd. The only downside we can see is the $99 price tag that will go up to $119 after April 11th. Worth it?

In other news, some handy developers have managed to create an app that turns the PlayBook into robot controller complete with live video feed and all. Such projects are, we’re sure, the dreams of many geeks out there. Who hasn’t wanted to drive an robot/RC car with live video feed from the comfort of a static location?


Via: The Source | MobileSyrup, BerryReview