Check Out Deck, The Coolest New Jailbreak Tweak.

We’re always looking for the coolest jailbreak tweaks that make your iOS device that much better. One could argue, however, that the quest to find new and useful tweaks is getting harder and a bit slower going as each subsequent iOS release brings new (at times borrowed) features shortening the “reasons to jailbreak” list a little more each time. That said, a new app by the name of “Deck” is an all-encompassing launcher tweak that sorta-kinda borrows the slide-to-reveal functionality of Zephyr.

In the video (via iDownloadBlog) you can see how incredibly simple looking but powerful Deck is. Hell, just looking at all of the custom actions and accompanying activator options is borderline overwhelming. But, therein lies Deck’s power — it can launch just about anything you want and in just about any way you could want and all in a way that is very quick and natural.

Get Deck for $1.99 via the ModMyi repo.


Via: iDownloadBlog