Color Splash Studio Coming To iPhone In April

Remember the simple yet fun Mac app Color Splash Studio we showed you a couple months back? Good news. It’s coming to iOS! A passing tweet by @MyColorSplash spilled the beans, giving photo app junkies something to hawk over for the next 4-6 weeks. It’s worth noting that while mid-April is mentioned as the scheduled release time frame, it is not a final date — more-so a “we hope to have it finished and are trying like hell” date.

**Color Splash for iOS was originally supposed to be released in February, though was pushed back to “make it better”

Color Splash Studio, for those who aren’t familiar, is an app that aims to highlight a certain color or colors while making the rest of the picture black and white. When done correctly, the effect is awesome. And now it’s coming to your mobile device!

Stay tuned as we’ll revisit Color Splash Studio for iOS once it hits the web. In the meantime, check out iMore’s early hands-on/preview of Color Splash for iOS over here.