Instagram 1.02 Update Hits Google Play Store. Did It Fix Your Problem?

Instagram’s debut on Android has certainly been an eventful one. First there were scores of disgruntled (and ridiculously stupid) iPhone owners complaining about the app welcoming Android users, even levying some truly outlandish claims such as Android users “cheapening” the app and platform. Also almost immediately following its launch, Android users from around the globe began noticing issues
installing and/or using the app on certain hardware. Considering the multiple hundreds of variations in hardware, the move to Android was far from a walk in the park. And while the Instagram team did everything they could to try and minimize incompatibilities, it just wasn’t good enough.

On the same day of Instagram for Android’s release, the team released a small .01 update that did help some users. Conversely, it also created new issues for people who were previously unaffected by the 1.0 release bugs.

Today, Instagram released another .02 bug fix update that aims to fix the 1.0 issues as well as any new issues brought on by the .01 update.

As frustrating as it may be to Android users who’ve had a less than stellar introduction to Instagram, we encourage them to stick it out. The team is obviously working around the clock to fix all of the issues and are determined to making your experience as awesome as the experience iOS users have been enjoying for many months now. We don’t know about you, but that is a good sign of excellent support in our book.

If you still have past issues (or discover new ones) with the latest 1.02 update, be sure to share it in the comments below!

Get the update: Instagram
for Android
(Google Play Link)

Via: TechnologTell

  • Google

    its sounds looking good… hope its solve our problems….!

  • Steven Clark

    I forced 1.02 on my ASUS transformer 101 running ICS and it does not work, with either the instagram  camera or tablet camera. It is getting closer though.

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