LG Caught Lying To Customers About LG Optimus 2X’s Xenon Flash (Or Lack Thereof). Apology Issued.

South Korean’s received a rude awakening today after LG Korea admitted that they had incorrectly stated (and marketed) that the LG Optimus 2X shipped with a Xenon flash to aid the 8-megapixel rear-facing camera with low-light shots.

A Xenon flash is a much higher quality light source compared to the usual one or two-LED flashes used by pretty much all other smartphones. Whereas normal LEDs are fairly dim, though able to be lit continuously and thereby also giving low-light video recording a boost, Xenon flashes are only able to be lit a short time. The trade off in the length it can be lit comes by way of much brighter and evenly lit low-lit photos. The Nokia N8 is one such phone that uses a Xenon flash. Try comparing low-light photos from its camera to photos from something like the iPhone 4S (which uses an LED flash). The results aren’t even close.

What’s shocking is LG’s excuse — they claim it was a simple “mistake”. While we can see a mistake of this nature sneaking out on a pre-release PR email chain or even some early marketing material that reaches a small portion of the public, to go an entire year with this plastered all over your country (not to mention the internet) seems like a stretch to us.

Rumors say that public outcry from the ~400,000 Optimus 2X owners in South Korea is growing pretty loud, with some pushing LG to offer refunds for their false advertising.

What do you think: Honest mistake or sneaky sales tactic? Should customers be refunded?

Source: Daum | Via: UnwiredView