Verizon Wireless LTE Onslaught Continues. Tons of New Markets, Enhancements And Expansions.

It appears that VZW has been slyly slugging away on their LTE network. A lot of the time we’ll be sent a boastful (for good reason) PR sheet telling of the latest LTE additions/enhancements/expansions that VZW is rolling out across their network. This time, however, Droid-Life has stumbled upon the latest rollout information before VZW could send it to us. In short: Verizon has a ton of new developments on the LTE front with…new additions, enhancements to existing networks and enhancements to existing LTE markets.

One thing’s for certain — AT&T and Sprint are so far behind it’s not even funny. If we’re looking ahead into the not too distant future, we’re interested in seeing how the move to LTE-Advanced will play-out — will VZW take off with an early lead and dominate when all is said and done (again)? Bah. It’s the start of a long weekend. Leave such pondering for another day.

New Markets

Alabama: Auburn, Tuscaloosa
Georgia: Macon, Lagrange, Brunswick
Idaho: Bonner’s Ferry, Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Rathdrum, Stateline
Kansas: Dodge City, Hays, Great Bend, Garden City
New York: Cattaraugus-Allegany area
Oregon: Albany, Salem, Corvallis
Tennessee: Pulaska, Carthage, Woodbury, Waverly, Winchester, Centerville, Springfield, Portland, Lynchburg, McMinnville, White House 
Washington: Centralia, Shelton, Cheney, Deer Park, Mica, Valleyford

Expanded Markets

Conneticut: Hartford
Massachusetts: Waltham, Townsend, Sterling, Raynham, Groton, Randolph, Lowell, Woburn
New Hampshire: Concord

Enhanced Markets

Kansas: Wichita
Missouri St. Louis

Via: Droid-Life