DollyDrive Lets iDolly Out Of Her Cage And Into The Wild

Since CES this past January, we’ve been keeping a close eye on DollyDrive. We liked what we saw, and we really liked the sneak peaks into what you all would later see. One late night in January, we were all sitting around a table at a restaurant when we were given a glimpse into what would soon be a must have for anyone interested in Cloud storage. The guys at DollyDrive gave us some info on new services they would launch that would bring the Cloud to all of your devices.

When DollySync and DollySpace were launched, the Cloud service got that much more incredible. Along with your DollyDrive Time Machine backups, you were given a few extra gigs of storage. A 1GB DollySync drive, that would place a folder on your desktop, and whatever you place in that folder would be accessible on the web and as well as your iOS device. We also were given DollySpace, wich would be the Cloud equivalent to an external hard drive. This would mount a drive in Finder that would act as a normal external hard drive, but you would have access to this via the web as well as your iOS device.

These services were great on their own, giving Cloud storage fans just a little bit extra, but it wasn’t complete until the release of iDolly back in March. This finished the trifecta of Cloud storage. Complete synchronization between OSX, iOS and web. I know these services exist elsewhere, but at least with my experience with, I have to complete way to many force syncs as well as app shut downs to get my files to recognize. For the past week or so, I have only had to force sync once with constant file management across my devices. This is huge for the first version of iDolly.

With the free iDolly app on your iOS device, you are given access to everything in your DollySync and DollySpace drives. You can view and make changes to files in these accounts so you are always working with the most current file - on all of your devices. If I am on the web at work, I can upload a file to DollySync, edit it on my iPhone, and that most current version will be waiting in a folder on my Mac’s desktop when I get home. I don’t have to access a Cloud website to grab the file, or email it to myself, it’ll just be there. Along with documents, you can easily view any photos you have synced to the Cloud, and open them with various photo apps you have on your device. You can even add them to your and DropBox accounts.

I have noticed a few glitches here and there while using the iDolly app. It has crashed on me once, and like I said before I had to force sync my files to get them to show up across all of devices. That really isn’t a glitch, but just an issue I ran into. Something somewhat odd I ran into, after using the app for a few days is when you have a file open, and you go to open it in another app to make changes, it started darkening the screen and giving me the options above the top of the screen. It didn’t do this the first few days I used it, but the last two when I started writing this it gave me issues. I know for a fact it works, but all of a sudden it gives me problems. Force quitting the app usually fixes the issue. So beware, you might run into this issue if it is a global wide problem. It could just be some sort of issue on my device.

The DollyDrive experience has been outstanding for me these past few months and it just keeps getting better. If you own a Mac, a DollyDrive account should be the next thing you purchase. The ease of use, access from all of your devices anywhere in the World - this is a must have service for everyone.

Head on over to DollyDrive and check out the plans they have and then stop by the App Store to get yourself a copy of the free iDolly app.