Want A Free Copy Of FX Photo Studio Pro For Mac?

MacPhun is on a roll with the kindness towards users lately! Not only are they working with us to give 5 lucky readers a free copy of Snapheal, now they are giving away FX Photo Studio Pro for Mac to anyone - anyone - that has FX Photo Studio on their iOS device. This is a huge offer, and for anyone that likes to dabble in adding filters to their photos shouldn’t pass this up.

The guidelines are simple:

1. Get FX Photo Studio for iPhone (if you don’t already have it)
2. Like their Facebook page
3. Share this news with your friends
4. Edit your FB profile picture with FX Photo Studio
5. Email the picture via the iPhone app to: [email protected]

You can’t get any easier than that, and if you already have FX Photo Studio on your iPhone, than there is no reason you shouldn’t get a free copy for you Mac! This offer is saving you $39.99! If you don’t have the app on your iPhone, head on over to the App Store to pick up your copy. For only $1.99, you in essence get two amazing apps! The offer ends on Monday April 9th, so hurry up!