Google Drive To Offer Up To 100GB Of Storage, As Early As Tuesday

Nowadays, Cloud storage is a dime a dozen. The gigabytes are endlessly offered to each and every one of us, and many of those crazy gigs are offered up free of charge. You can grab yourself plenty of fluffy white storage if you mix-and-match yourself into what could possibly be upwards of 40GB at no charge at all. But there is one company that hasn’t really dipped their toes into the scene and that is Google. Of course we have Google Docs, which is a way to access documents on the fly, but as far as a storage feature, we are left with nothing from the interweb giant.

Google Drive clues have been popping up lately, so we know the release could be soon. The service is rumored to have a few nice tricks up its sleeves, and of course we’ll finally have a Google branded way to share via the heavens above, on in fact that may just de-throne DropBox from upon high where they are currently sitting. Reuters is reporting that Google Drive will in fact launch with 5GB of free storage (the average amongst other offerings) but can be expanded up to 100GB after dropping an un-determined monthly fee. According to the source, the launch is going to happen, and could possibly even drop as early as Tuesday.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more, but until then, let us know your thoughts on the Google Cloud offering? Can Google battle the likes of Dropbox, or will this just be another place for us storage hogs to squat and gather up all those free gigabytes.

Source: Reuters (Yahoo! News) | Via: The Verge