Droplr Announces “Pro” Service: $3/Month For 100 GB Of Storage And 1 GB File Uploads.

If you were having trouble deciding between the handful of cloud storage/photo sharing/link shortening services to use, droplr just made it super easy for you. The company rolled out their “Pro” service earlier this afternoon — and it’s a steal.

For a mere $3/month (or $30/year) you can gobble up to 100 GB of unadulterated cloud storage, with individual file upload sizes up to 1 GB. Other perks include a lack of any ads, secure drops, custom domain support, customized drop views (for drops shared with friends/public) and statistics tracking for seeing who is clicking on your droplr links/shares.

Seriously. $3/month for 100 GB of storage is cheap. We’re not sure how droplr is able to to it or how long this awesome pricing will last for that matter. But one thing’s for certain. You should probably take advantage of it.

More: droplr.com/pro

Via: AppAdvice