Dev-Team Releases Updated Redsn0w App. Downgrade And Jailbreak iPad 2/3 And iPhone 4S!

Upgrade your A5 iOS device to iOS 5.1 or 5.1.1 like a fool *raises hand*? Don’t worry. Even though pod2g’s official iOS 5.1.x jailbreak is still several weeks away, the Dev-Team has come through with a backdoor solution. The latest 0.9.11b1 version of redsn0w can now downgrade the iPad 2 (could before too), iPad 3 and iPhone 4S to previous versions of iOS. All you’ll need, of course, are the respective .ispw files and some backed up SHSH blobs.

Call this downgrade-for-jaibreak a break-fix of sorts until pod2g comes through. Anyone going to give it a shot? We’re downloading a fresh copy of iOS 5.0.1 for our 4S as we speak and will report back later just how fun (or not fun) the whole process actually is.