Review: SlateSHIELD 360 iPad Case.

Using your Apple iPad to its fullest varies from person to person. For some, a 3rd party case that ads functionality and utility like SlateSHIELD’s 360 iPad case is perhaps the answer.

Design & Features

Made out of a hard, ABS plastic, the SlateSHIELD 360 is a touch case of sorts that will protect against scratches and minor drops/shock. It’s pretty stiff and feels robust enough that we’re pretty sure damage from normal wear and tear won’t affect your iPad in the slightest.

For the video buffs, ’round back a handy pull-out kick stand on the back allows landscape or portrait hands-free video watching. Power users banging away on a bluetooth keyboard will also come to appreciate the kickstand’s utility in turning their iPad into a pseudo-laptop on the road.

While the above novelties are certainly nice, the real draw to the 360 case is the stow-able, 360-degree rotating strap. Said strap sits on the back of the case and allows you to slide your hand back through it and rotate the case into landscape and portrait mode for whatever scenario you encounter. This rotating disc that houses the strap also contains the slide-out kickstand we touched on above.

Using The SlateSHIELD 360

We tried the SlateSHIELD 360 in all the possible scenarios. And even though hands-free video watching in either landscape or portrait orientations was more enjoyable, we absolutely love the rotating hand strap. In fact, we actually prefer using an iPad with the strap as it allows us to plaster the iPad to our hand, almost making it like a gigantic iPhone in ease of use. Thanks to the tight strap, we don’t have to worry about using two hands to securely grip the iPad meaning our second hand is free to interact with the iPad as we see fit. It makes sharing content with people in real life much more fluid and seamless than the usual two-handed orchestra the iPad requires.

Buy or Pass?

For both content consumers and creators, we think the SlateSHIELD ranks up their with the best. Even though visual sex appeal and flashy design isn’t part of the 360′s repertoire, the utility it brings is second to none. Like we said above, being able to brandish an iPad with a single hand is pretty awesome when out and about.

Is it $54.95 awesome? That depends on how often and simply how you use your iPad. If it is primarily a movie watching device, then no. We’ve seen plenty of other cases that 1) look nicer and 2) do a better job of presenting your iPad and movie. On the oposite end of the spectrum, if you’re a mobile junkie who uses their iPad as their office on the road, there are better cases for such purposes that even include built-in batteries. Somewhere in the middle sits the SlideShield 360 — a functional, decently designed case whose trademark feature, the 360-degree rotating strap, will surely win over a decent following of customers. We must say, once you go a few days using an iPad in such a manner (one-handed by way of a strap case) it becomes pretty cumbersome to go back to the two-hand grip.

We enjoyed using the 360 when walking around town and turning our iPad into more of a gigantic iPhone of sorts and think you will to.

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Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 7/10