Review: X-Doria Defense Pro

Way back during our visit to Vegas and CES2012, Mike and I happened by a booth selling iDevice accessories. Cases and stands littered their booth, in all shapes and designs. Some were actually impressive and peaked interested in what X-Doria had to offer. One of the items that got me interested in the company was their iPhone 4/4S screen protector that gave a grid on your iPhone for proper placement of the protective skin.

I have used screen protectors for years, and have stopped using all other brands once I landed on Bodyguardz. But during my time at CES, I was given a few to sample that I’ve been working with for the past few weeks. And one has been the X-Doria Defense Pro.

Packaging is slick and simple, which includes the screen protector itself, cleaning cloth, applicator card and detailed instructions for installation.

After following the link to the grid via Mobile Safari, my journey began for installation and hopefully something to peel me away from my loyal BodyGuardz usage. The grid is pretty straight forward, but not as easy as I would of thought. When applying every other brand, it is pretty much just lining the front facing camera hold and home button hold to ensure proper fitting. But having to focus on little grid lines actually made it more difficult - for myself - to install. X-Doria recommends starting in the middle and lining up those lines and then flattening the top and bottom. This proved to make the entire process a lot more difficult than my previous attempts with other brands.

It took me a lot longer to successfully install than I’d like to of hoped. But that was actually the best part of my entire time with X-Doria. I have had the screen installed for a full month, as with my experience, clouding and other issues pop up after a long period of usage. So I decided to give 30+ days of usage to ensure I got a proper reading of how the X-Doria Defense Pro would stand up against the competition.

The cloudy affect that was present at the beginning of my time never went away. I assumed it was like a normal wet application process that starts off cloudy and then becomes clear after 24-48 hours. This was not the case with the dry application process of X-Doria’s offering. The view of the gorgeous Retina display of the iPhone 4S was non-existant after applying the Defense Pro. I felt I had a lack of sleep shade over my eyes every time I looked at my phone. I was hoping after a few days it would go away - but that never happened. Even after 30+ days, it seemed to only worsen. Even the bubbles that would incredibly difficult to force out stayed for the entire time I used the screen protector.

I used the protective screen while using a full BodyGuardz NES case on the back. The X-Doria Defense Pro did a great job at not peeling up, especially since it wasn’t a case-safe film. I did notice the bottom corners bubble a tad after a while, but that was most likely because of the botton part of the case I was using. I was actually impressed that a full screen film didn’t defect from wearing a case on the back side of the device. This was the one great thing during my time with the X-Doria, I didn’t have to worry about it peeling up - even though I was hoping it would so I could take it off.

The Pro version of the Defense line does include self healing technology that doesn’t really warrant the extra $5 over the Defense model - as you can’t really notice scratches vanishing when you can’t look past the awful viewing experience.


After 4+ years of applying screen protectors, I kind of consider myself a professional. Both wet and dry applications have been mastered, but the great concept of having a grid made it so much more difficult. If you love the beautiful screen of the iPhone 4/4S, I can’t recommend this case to you. You don’t want to know you have something protecting your iPhone’s glass, and the X-Doria Defense Pro is a constant reminder of protection - in a bad way. The Defense Pro will set you back $19.99, but aside from the fact that I had no peeling after using a case, I can’t recommend this case to anyone. If you happen to be a novice at applying screen protectors, the grid is an amazing idea, but I found it difficult to de-evolve when applying the film. This will probably be the opposite for anyone that has never attempted an application process.

X-Doria has a lot of great items for sale, but the Defense Pro doesn’t happen to be one of them.

Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 2/5

Thanks to X-Doria for the review sample