[Closed] Giveaway: Musubo Ripple, Eden And RubberBand iPhone 4/4S Cases

As the week comes to a close, we decided it was time for yet another giveaway. Following up on our Biscotti TV Phone giveaway, we thought we’d go back to our passion for iPhone cases. You know we love em, we know you want em, so without further adieu I present you with this weeks giveaway!

If you remember back in May, Mike reviewed the Musubo Retro and Sneaker iPhone cases. And as you could see, Musubo is into combining both protection as well as style. We definitely will admit that style is something they do well. Each case is significantly different and unique from anything we’ve seen before. This is evident in the 3 cases we have up for grabs today!


The Ripple case mimics the ripples in a pool of water after you throw a rock or the like into it. These ripples move away from the cutout for the camera. Very slick design available in many different colors.

The case itself is very durable, and I found myself not worried at all about dropping it. The ripples on the back offer a nice addition of grip, further ensuring me of not worrying about dropping it.

The case is very appealing to the senses as you grip it, and isn’t too flashy on the eyes. I was actually quite impressed with this case!



Named after the paradise from which Adam and Eve wandered aimlessly - nude of course - comes a case that happens to be my favorite out of the entire Musubo line. The leaf-like patter on the back is slick and looks great in every color you could get.

Made from sturdy polycarbonate, the outer piece to this 2-piece design will keep your iPhone protected against drops. The inside piece is made up of very soft silicone rubber which adds extra cushioning when dropped.

Out of all 3 of these cases, the Eden seems to be the bulkiest. But I honestly wasn’t as turned off by that as I thought I would be. The phone gets quite a bit heavier with this case on, but the glossy white finish and beautiful design make up for that.



Last but not least we round out the day with the RubberBand case. You would have to be a complete n00b to not get where this one gets its name. This quirky case actually feels quite nice in our sweaty mits. It is made from Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which offers a soft touch yet ultra-durable finish.

It’s actually quite thin, and does a great job at protecting the front of the phone as well as the back. It wraps around the front bezel of the iPhone to assist in protecting against cracks to the glass if you happen to drop it face down.

My biggest issue with this case is the little loop on the side for attaching a strap. I would never utilize a strap for my phone, so I have this useless little nubbin poking my hand as a I hold it. But other than that, if you find your phone slipping out of your hand all the time, this will be the perfect fit for you!


All you have to do to win is Retweet this post, like it on Facebook or comment below. Doing all 3 will definitely help your chances of winning! We will randomly draw three separate names from all services, so if we find your name on all 3, you’ll have a lot better chance of snagging on of these stylish Musubo Cases!


Thanks to all of you that entered and shared across the interwebs, we love you! Winners have been contacted, please respond!

Thanks to Musubo and Max Borges Agency for the supplying the goods for the giveaway!

  • AJ07

    Musubo’s cases rock! all their designs are really unique and great :D

  • Enzberry

    I really like the ripple effect, shared across the social networks.

    Good luck everyone :)

  • http://twitter.com/melovestoast Jared Floyd ?

    Yesss!! These are amazing! I want one! :D

  • http://twitter.com/Gashtou4 Gerry Ashlock

    These look awesome!