Review: Spigen SGP Diary.S Leather Case For The New iPad

When I finally picked up the new iPad a couple months ago, I’ve been on the hunt for new accessories to review for it. As you have probably come to realize, us here at Gadgetsteria love reviewing cases and the like for all of our iDevices. And now finally having an iPad at the office, we can branch out past our iPhones.

Mike has been reviewing many different Spigen iPhone cases as of late, and you can tell that they have all been homeruns. Each item we review ends up topping the list of iPhone accessories. We can’t recommend their product line more, and now we get to branch out to all of their offerings for the iPad.

I was sent two separate cases a couple of weeks ago and have been putting them through the ringer to see how they stand up to the crazy amount of accessories that are available for Apple’s newest tablet. Do they stand up to our tests like the iPhone cases from Spigen do? I’ll spoil it for you, yes, they really do.

The Diary.S series leather case for the new iPad is an upgrade to their Diary line which features a jelly foam adhesive that attaches to your iPad as it sits inside of the case. The Diary.S series adds a Polycarbonate frame that allows for more secure protection. The iPad snaps easily into the frame which holds it securely into place.

The entire case is actually pretty thin. Built with a sturdy single sheet of high-quality genuine leather which is actually quite gorgeous in it’s simplistic design. The outside is a thin, yet very sturdy and has a slick leather finish that doesn’t ruin the sight of luxury with bells and whistles. Nothing more than a Spigen logo in one of the corners that is embedded into the case, so it doesn’t really stand out, and another on the back side corner. The flap is one piece with no signs of it containing a button or latch.

The case even has a small cut out for your camera, so if you need it while it’s in the case, you have easy access to snap photos. When unlatching the case you’ll notice a slick magnet latch that keeps the case closed. Upon opening, the case has a smooth leather texture with a non-slip fabric which allows the iPad to be position at any angle for both viewing and typing.

Other than the simplistic design, this is really where the case shines. A break in the leather on the back of the case allows it to bend slightly giving you great angles for positioning the iPad. You can position your iPad in so many different angles for comfortable viewing and typing. This was a feature that really stood out to me. I could position my iPad in many different angles that made viewing natural at any position I was sitting. The same went for typing, at a comfortable position, the iPad would allow me to apply the pressure of typing without slipping out from under me.

I found one problem with the case, this being ability to play games using the built-in gyroscope. The case was awkward and didn’t allow for placing my hands on either side to assist in gaming. This is easily rectified by snapping the iPad out of the case, but then that defeats the benefits of having a case.

The Diary.S can be used by anyone in both a professional or casual setting. The case is slim and simple, while still adding secure protection without sacrificing functionality. If you aren’t an avid gamer that requires holding on to both sides of the iPad, I can’t recommend this case more. The Diary.S case retails for $79.99, but it’s worth it. And with Father’s Day just around the corner, this will make an excellent gift.

If you are looking for a high-quality case that is still has a slim and simple design, then this is for you. If you want something that features set up for all different types of viewing angles, again, this is for you. Head on over to Spigen’s website and see the wide variety of different cases for all of your devices. And stay tuned for our next Spigen SGP new iPad case review!

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Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 8.5/10


Thanks to Spigen SGP for the Diary.S Case for review!

  • Heartnet

    does it come with sleep and wake feature? Have you reviewed the folio s series case as well? Which one the spigen cases are thinner? Hardbook/ Folio S/ Diary? Thanks.

    • Jordan Carpenter

      No, this does not have the sleep/wake feature. I was kind of upset about that. But, the Hardbook does, which I have reviewed and posted. I haven’t reviewed the Folio S, but I can request it. As far as the Hardbook and Diary.S cases, the Hardbook does have the sleep/wake feature and is thinner than the Diary.S.

      The Hardbook is my favorite case to date, by far!