Review: Spigen SGP Ultra Thin Case For The New iPad

As mentioned in a previous review, we have really taken an interest in all things Spigen SGP. From their Glas.T screen protector to each and every one of the cases they offer, we’ve grown fond of their entire product line.

When I received a couple iPad cases from Spigen SGP earlier this month I couldn’t wait to see what their iPad protection can do for me and all consumers alike. I think I found a perfect fit for what I am looking for in protection for my new iPad - The Ultra Thin Case - designed specifically for the new iPad. One thing I made sure to purchase along side my iPad was a Smart Cover from Apple. I love the slick functional design that adds decent protection to the front of your iPad. However, the back is left open to scratches and dings, and this really never made sense to me. While Apple has rectified this with the release of their Smart Cases, I don’t really like how the back is covered up. Yeah we still have an Apple logo and it’s form fitting enough to not cover up Apple’s design, but it still is too much for me.

The Ultra Thin Case from Spigen SGP is the complete opposite, and I feel executes the idea Apple had, but in a better way. Fitting the new iPad precisely, while keeping it simple and not hiding the gorgeous contours of the device. Not only is the back of your iPad protected, the design of the Ultra Thin Case keeps the corners in mind as well. The case simply snaps to the iPad, and unlatches itself just as easily. Your standard cut outs for all of the buttons are here, as well as speaker holes that are specifically designed with several cutouts to not interfere with sound quality.


The main call out here is that Ultra Thin Series is 100% compatible with the Apple Smart Cover. The design from Spigen SGP allows for the Smart Cover to attach normally with a cut out along the side. Another issue I had with the Smart Cover is that when I had it wrapped around the back of the iPad and would be using the device, the last slab of the cover would sometimes flap down. The magnet wasn’t strong enough to completely keep it flush with the back of the case. Spigen SGP corrects this with the Deco Plate that sits at the very far end of the case. A small steel plate anchors the iPad securely and also latches on to the Smart Cover as it’s flipped around back.

With a precise design and a perfect companion to Apple’s Smart Cover, the Ultra Thin Series from Spigen SGP will be a big win for anyone that doesn’t want to fool around with bulky cases or something that will hide the beautiful design of the iPad. The price seems a tad bit steep for me, at $32.99, I feel this would be a 10/10 if it were priced in the mid $20 range. But to be honest, the Crystal Clear version is worth it if you have a Smart Cover and don’t want to drop the $49.99 on an Apple Smart Case, leaving your current Smart Cover useless.

Other colors available are black, white as well as a soft clear version. Head on over to the website to grab yourself a beautiful Crystal Clear Ultra Thin Case from Spigen SGP!

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Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 9/10

Thanks to Spigen SGP for the review case!