Hands-On: Spigen SPG Linear Mirror And Clockwork iPhone 4S Cases.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we’re iPhone case hoarders/lovers. We’re addicted. As much as we love the iPhone’s well engineered physique, it’s just too damn fragile — also, too thin. Cases make the iPhone more resilient to drops, easier/more comfortable to hold and some cases are simply pretty awesome looking themselves. Today, we’re going to take another look at some of Spigen SGP’s fine products: the Mirror and Clockwork cases.

If you recall, we already looked at the Linear Blitz back in early May, and were pretty impressed with it. It was a great case. Similarly, so are the Mirro and Clockwork cases, too.

For the sake of simplicity, we’re going to wrap both cases into the same hands-on as they are underneath it all, the same same case.

The design of the two cases is 3-piece; a top and bottom plastic bumper slide around the device while a third backplate is held in place by the two interlocking top/bottom pieces. Even with the added thickness in the bumper pieces to accomodate the backplate, the phone doesn’t feel overly thick or weighty in the slightest. In fact, we actually quite like the Linear cases’ ability to both protect our iPhone and make it more comfortable to hold.

The Clockwork case features a cool, steampunk-esque design on its rear and is layered on top a see-thru plastic making your iPhone (mostly) the star of the show. (There is also a black version which is not transparent.) The Mirror case on the other hand is just that — a mirror. It reflects like none other (as good mirrors should) and features a random collection of letters neatly organized on it’s back.

Both cases feel great in the hand as touched on above, though, one thing we’d like to see change revolves around the button cutouts. On these two cases as well as the normal Linear Blitz, the buttons aren’t covered and are simply given free run of the open air with holes in the case. A similar case that we also reviewed by Spigen SGP in early May, the Linear EX, is strictly a bumper style case. But instead of simple cutouts there are actual plastic coverings on top of the buttons. Normally we hate such coverings as they’re terribly designed and feel just as bad. On the EX, though, they actually feel pretty awesome; they’re nice and clicky and don’t look too bad either. We’d like to see Spigen integrate this button cover style to the Linear Blitz series (and cases built off of the same foundation). To us, that would be the perfect case.

Both the Mirror and Clockwork cases are $27.99, which we feel is pretty fair. It’s a couple bucks cheaper than your typical iPhone case but features a good design (with many different colors/styles to choose from), comfortable grip when on and an appearance that highlights your iPhone instead of shielding it.

**You’ll notice a third, clear case in the mix. This is a simple silver/clear “Linear” case that is functionally identical to the two more heavily themed cases.

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Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 8/10