Review: Spigen SGP Hardbook Case For The New iPad

We have already featured a really nice iPad case for the professional on the go. But if you are looking for something a little bit more versatile but still keeping that iPad protected and looking good, you might have to look elsewhere.

After our review of the Diary.S case, I was given a chance to use a product from the Hardbook Series that gives the iPad a premium hardcover bookbinding style case. I’ll have to admit, when I first saw this case, I was really excited to use it. I found the pictures absolutely gorgeous and I knew from the second I took it out of the box that this would be a case I could use forever.

Installation was a breeze, as it was with both the Diary.S and the Ultra Thin cases that we have already reviews. Just set the iPad into the plastic frame and press it in. It’s as easy as that and you are ready to go! The Hardbook case is made from synthetic leather that gives this thing a magnificent look and feel. Both inside and out are amazing to the touch. I actually like just holding the iPad set in this case in my hands. The design and materials used really do create something you can enjoy using. Something I have to mention, and even Spigen mentions on their site; attempting to remove the iPad from the top right corner may cause the casing to seperate from the Hardbook as well as add pressure to the volume rocker cutout. But removing from the top left side found to be very easy and a little bit more natural for me anyways.

Like the Diary.S we reviewed last month, the Hardbook offers great viewing and typing angles. While not having as much versatility as the Diary.S, the 2-tier standing structure gives nice and comfortable options for any user. The non-slip fabric on the inside is a soft texture that I didn’t mind holding in my hands for hours of use. Since I picked up this iPad, and had the chance to use several cases, prolonged use can create discomfort, at least for me. Both myself and my wife mentioned over the past couple week how comfortable this thing is to use, over and over again.

As you can see in the pictures, the case has a gorgeous and simple design that actually adds to the beauty that is the iPad. In a casual, educational or professional setting, you can have protection, comfort and gorgeous design without compromising the iPad’s features.

Something I really like about this case over the Diary.S is that the front piece will flip around back like the Apple Smart Cover does. This makes for even more comfort in some tighter places. Another similarity this has with the Smart Cover is the embedded magnetics that will automatically trigger the Sleep/Awake functions. This is a huge plus when looking for a case. To be able to just close the lid and have your iPad go to sleep is a simple feature, but something I really look for in a case.

To add a bit more protection, the Hardbook utilizes a wrap-around elastic band that will keep the case closed. Some might prefer a magnetic latch, but I think the band really adds to the experience and finishes off that gorgeous book/journal look Spigen was going for. And for those of you that use your iPad as a camera, you’ll be happy to know there is a cutout that makes snapping pictures a breeze - well, as breezy as taking pictures with a 10″ camera can be.

For those that bring their iPad to school or college, I really think you should look no further than this case. With 3 colors that could appeal to both men and women, protection, as well as a thing design that won’t take away from all of the textbooks you’ll be lugging around, everyone can be happy with this case. My time with the Hardbook has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had. Having used both a simple snap on protection, Apples offering as well as a high-end case, this is by far what I would spend my money on. And being offered for only $46.99, I actually feel Spigen could ask at least another $5-$10 for this and it not be a rip-off.

I can not recommend this case enough, and every case I review in the future will have to be compared to this. I have retired my Apple Smart Cover so I can use this guy full time. Spigen SGP really set the bar when they released this. With a gorgeous and simple design, the Magnetic On/Off feature, and seriously sexy protection, you can’t go wrong with this. Head on over to the Spigen SGP website to pick this case up, or even give a look at their Hardbook.S Series line. The Hardbook case will work with both the iPad 2 and the new iPad.

Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 10/10



Thanks to Spigen SGP for the review unit.

  • Heartnet

    Hi, may I ask how long did you use the case for before you actually write this review? I have been using it for 2 weeks. The glue is not doing its job well. The strap is starting to fall apart from the case. Have you review the Folio S series? Which one the spigen case is the thinnest? Diary S/ Hardbook/ Folio S Series? Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that the hardbook case is not great, its no doubt the best folio case out there however, I am really disappointed to the fact that it only last me for 2 weeks and now I am trying to find out if I should get Diary.S or Folio S.