App Review: CrowdCloud

Ok, let’s be honest - there are more than a ton of apps that provide social networking.  There are an equal number of apps that provide news & local stories.  There are also plenty of apps that making an attempt at combining the two, and few do it as well as CrowdCloud.  I’ve had the opportunity to play with this app for the last month, and I’m quite pleased with it.

Post your own report:

Do you have breaking information on a crash?  Is there a cool event taking place you’d like to share with the community?  If so, you can use this option to share a picture and an idea of what’s going on…to help pass along the news, your post can be updated on the CrowdCloud map as well as shared to Facebook & Twitter.

Prefer a list of events?

This option will allow you to quickly scroll through a list of nearby events that have been reported.

Mapping Options:

Perhaps my two favorite features of the CrowdCloud app are the Map View (as you’d expect, it cleverly displays events nearby on a map).

…and my other favorite option is the Beacon option.  In my case, I’ve tested the iOS version of CrowdCloud.  On iOS, we have the Find My Friends app, which comes in handy…well, Android users don’t share that same luxury.  Fortunately, the developers also make a handy Android version of CrowdCloud and it has its own built-in feature, called Beacon, which can serve as a great bridge for iOS & Android plaforms.

If, like me, you find yourself traveling a lot and looking for a better alternative to scanning the radio for local news or hoping a satellite radio station has something worth hearing, then give CrowdCloud a shot!


  • Livin’ the dream!

    Cool app, I use it in NYC

    • The Liv

      Glad you like it! Thanks for the feedback!