Review: Coolermaster Wake Up Folio For iPad 2/3

iPad cases come in all shapes and sizes. We know this, and we’ve actually had our hands on a few over the past couple months. Until this past June’s WWDC Keynote, Apple really didn’t have anything in their product line that offered the iPad complete protection. Yes, they did have the Smart Cover which is actually a pretty nice product, but this past June Apple got into the iPad case game with the Smart Case.

Other companies have been mastering the folio scene since the iPad 2 was released, and really have really been setting the bar quite high. With only playing with the Smart Case for a short time (I refuse to buy one), I know what the product feels like, and I can somewhat compare other cases to Apple’s offering.

Coolermaster is a name you might recognize if you were looking for a cooling set up for your PC. Not only do they handle cooling and power supplies, they also dabble in cases and random peripherals. When I was contacted and asked if I wanted to check out their new Wake Up Folio for the iPad 2 and iPad 3rd gen, I thought it would be a great idea to give our readers and option other than the pricey, not-so-awesome Smart Case from Apple.

When first getting my greasy little fingers on the case, I was impressed with the durable feel and appearance we get from Cooler Master. The case felt like it would really protect your iPad from the crap we can throw at it. You can be sure when sliding and snapping in your iPad that no damage will come to it. The microfiber interior will protect your iPad from scratches, which for me, is always a concern. The Wake Up Folio also snugly fits your iPad and I didn’t think for a second it would allow my iPad to fall out. The entire case itself is actually extremely durable and a lot stronger than the Smart Cover that I also have from Apple.

The iPad snaps in with the greatest of ease, but also gets free with the same amount of effort. With as snug as the case fits, I was thinking I would have some trouble taking it out, but this was definitely not the case. The Wake Up Folio also features the nice Wake up/Sleep magnetic feature that we see in the Smart Cover/Smart Case is here and works really well. The cover sticks great to the front of the iPad and never once just fell off. And issue I did have with the cover was the fact that it didn’t seem to sit right. When closing, I would have to re-adjust afterwards to get it to completely cover the iPad’s screen. Same thing happened when flipping it around the back, it would jog off centered and would be somewhat of an annoyance. Coming from an Apple world, I always assume my products would work 100% out of the box, and having something not sit centered really got to me.

The case itself offers quite a bit of protection. Not once during using this case did I ever worry about my iPad. After a couple weeks, I got to the point where I wasn’t as gentle as I have been with my iPad - a point I never thought I would get to.

The back of the case was another upset I had. I was given the completely black version, and on the back, the sides/corners are a glossy black that really shows off scratches. I didn’t notice any annoying fingerprints, but the scratches were actually quite ugly. A matte finish might be a better idea for a case.

Since the Wake Up Folio offers complete protection, you are given the normal cutouts for all of your ports. The only issue I had with these is the slits for the speaker seemed to somewhat mute the volume level. I found myself having to hold the iPad closer to my ear more often than before. To see if it wasn’t just the volume of the video I was watching, I slipped the iPad out and tested the same scene and was given a way better result. So keep that in mind when considering a purchase.

The Good

    Durable protection for the front and back
    Magnetic Wake Up/Sleep Function
    Perfectly placed cut outs
    Non-Scratch material in tray
    All the great viewing angles you get with a Smart Cover
    Comes in a ton of different colors

The Bad

    Glossy finish on the rear shows off scratches
    Speaker cutouts somewhat mute volume
    When closing and wrapping cover around back, it doesn’t sit straight


The Wake Up Folio is actually a nice case. It offers great protection that can give you the piece of mind that your iPad will stay intact. The few issues with how the screen protector piece sits, and the glossy finish showing scratches will distract you from how the case works, but all in all you can really know your iPad is protect. The Wake Up Folio sells for $39.99, which is only 9 dollars less than Apple’s offering. You don’t get the engraving option, and you don’t get an Apple logo, but you get superior protection for your iPad.

Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 3.5/5

Thanks to Coolermaster for sending me over the Wake Up Folio!

  • roby

    Awesome review. One of the best, if not the best, I’ve found on the web about this case. I appreciate your willingness to call things as you see them-plusses and minuses. That’s helpful as a reader.

    • The Gadgeteur

      Thanks man! @Introwebbernets appreciates the kind words

    • Jordan Carpenter

      Thank you very much sir. I started the review period actually really not liking the case. It grew on me over the week, so it really gave me a good view coming at it not liking it and then it starting to shine a little bit.

      Glad it helped you out and thanks again!