Hands-On: Mr. Dreamer For iOS

**Update: Available beginning tomorrow: July 31st
With an ever increasingly crowded space in the App Store, getting your app out into the lime light, let alone noticed, is a tough act. There hundreds of thousands of apps in the iOS App Store, all gunning for your attention, and many times, your hard earned dollars.

The gist behind Mr. Dreamer is based on your typical runner-style game. That is, the game is continuously advancing and your job is to keep it moving. In Mr. Dreamer, you play Poncho whom tag-teams the various obstacles with his sidekick, Cid. That said, your biggest goal is to keep Poncho upright, tapping the screen to flip which side of the ground you’re on. Also, you need to keep an eye on the stamina bar. When running upside down, Poncho expends exponentially more energy. Once the bar runs out it’s game over. On top of keeping Poncho’s stamina up, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the Broccoli Boss. He’s a formidable foe; green, mean and ready to end your high streak.

Tying you deeper into Mr. Dreamer (besides the quest for an every higher score) is official Game Center integration as well as unlockable power-ups, boosts and in-game achievements.

In total you have 8 vivid worlds to explore. Speaking of which, we really like the level of detail and fluid operation of Mr. Dreamer. It runs well on our iPhone 4S and we’re pleased to report that not once did we experience any slow downs, lags or crashes. As far as runner-style games go, Mr. Dreamer isn’t necessarily anything “new”. But, if you’ve grown tired of Temple Run and are looking for something different to conquer, Mr. Dreamer is different enough (and well made) that we think you’ll enjoy it just as much. And hey, at $0.99 it’s quite approachable no matter what your budget is.

Get it now (July 31st): Download (iTunes Link)