Stock Up On Wallpapers For September. Interfacelift Is Ready For The New iPhone.

Even with a plethora of leaks and rumors seemingly “ruining” the surprise Apple has planned for us in September (doh!), there still is that possibility we could all be wrong. Why, Apple is the king of secrecy. In recent years, however, their secrecy has become a bit less controlled. Still, their ship is tighter than most.

Without a doubt, the biggest topic of discussion that still wages on is the screen resolution for the next iPhone. The general consensus says it’ll be 640 x 1136. This is again based on pure rumor and speculation. The leaked parts that have hit the interwebs so far have shown just a taller cutout for the display, not the actual resolution the display will have. For all intents and purposes, it’s the assumed spec, though.

But rumors be damned. Our favorite wallpaper site, Interfacelift, is ready for the new iPhone it seems as a new option to download 640 x 1136 wallpapers cropped for the next-gen iPhone’s screen are now appearing in the dropdown box for resolution selection. Does Interfacelift know secret, inside information? Probably not. See: “Gambling”

With a rumored announcement coming September 12th and release anywhere from September 21st on, now is the time to stock up on pixel-perfect wallpapers for that shiny new iPhone.

We tried looking for a start date as to when the new iPhone option began appearing and were only able to find this thread on Macforums dated June 6th. So while they’ve been there a little while now, not much has been said.