Review: Smarter Stand - iPad Stand Kit For The Smart Cover & Smart Case

We have been reviewing many different iPad cases over the past couple months and really trying to dive into the best companion for your shiny new toy. But something that did get tossed aside in my house was my Smart Cover. I was able to use it with one of the rear protective trays, but I haven’t been using it as much while on the trek to find something perfect for my iPad. So when I was contacted a couple of weeks ago to give the Smarter Stand a try, I jumped for joy knowing I would be able to really use my Smart Cover again, and in so many different ways!

Dotan Saguy set out to evolve the Smart Cover into more of a stand for your iPad. Currently, the Smart Cover will really only give you 2 different ways of standing up your iPad, so if you are looking for more versatility and viewing angles, you are somewhat out of luck. So Saguy started a Kickstarter project to bring the Smarter Stand to life. The idea is as simple as the product itself is. You have two clips that can be position in different areas of your Smart Cover, giving it so many more viewing angles. Included with in the box are 3 additional angle instructions, but there are more to be had with some messing around.

I was given a prototype unit that will differ slightly from the final product, but it works just the same. So some of my issues might be fixed once the product is final and shipped. I had some problems - at first - getting the clips on the side of the Smart Cover. They seemed a little too tight, which somewhat ripped at the inside of the cover. Once using for a couple of hours, I could then easily remove and place them back on without any issue. The plastic just needed time to stretch, but this did leave it’s mark on my cover. I have been told the material will differ and the final product will slide easier, so no one getting the retail version should experience this. After that initial problem, the rest of my time using the clips, I was forever happy. The Smart Cover is so lightweight and feels great, giving it the ability to be more of a stand is ingenious!

I found myself using the 45 degree method and was able to type away vigorously on my ZAGG keyboard. This was an angle I was never able to achieve with the Smart Cover before. The Private Typing Stand was also something I found myself using a lot, when I wasn’t around a Bluetooth keyboard. This made the virtual keyboard so much nicer to use. Again, inside the box you’ll see a little card with instructions on placement of the clips to achieve different angles, but if you play with them a bit, you’ll find there are more options than what they show.

The big issue I had was the non-slip pads that are shipped with the Smarter Stand to keep the iPad from slipping when you are standing it up. I know this is a prototype unit, so I am hoping they fix this in the final product. As you can see from the picture in the Gallery, there is just a small dot of glue that is supposed to adhere to your iPad. This is obviously removable, but it isn’t enough. At least throw an entire strip the length of the pad. It wouldn’t stay on, and shifted a lot, making me have to pay close attention when standing the iPad up to ensure it was straight and stuck to my iPad. Again, I can’t dock them points for this, especially if this isn’t how they will retail. This won’t matter if you have a Smart Case, as that has the polyurethane back.

The clips can be left on even after closing the cover. They will not damage your iPad, and also don’t create any extra bulk or weight. So you have a stand wherever you go without having to fumble with accessories.

With 9 colors to choose from, you really can match the color of Smart Cover/Case you have. And for only $20, it is worth every penny to really create something amazing with Apple’s Smart Cover. A brilliant product seems so simple. The final product will ship this October for $20. But if you jump on backing the Kickstarter, you’ll be able to pick up a pair for only $12. No extra crap to lug around, no bulky case to house your iPad. The Smarter Stand works so well with the Smart Cover. It’s easy to use and is just as sleek as the Cover itself. The Smarter Stand really teaches the Smart Cover and Smart Case a few things.

Head on over to the Kickstarter and pledge to get yourself a discount. The goal has already been met, so we know the project will be happening. I’m excited to see the success this will have. If anyone has these pre-ordered or have pledged, when you receive them please let us know how you like them and any awesome angles you might be able to achieve!

Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 4.5/5

Thanks to Max Borges for the prototype sample!



  • Jake Templeman

    I’ve pledged but even us pledgers don’t get our Smarter Stand until October, so we’re all in the dark!

    • Jordan Carpenter

      Ahh, bummer. Well, when you get it in, please let us know what you think! I am really excited to see what the post-protoype units look like!