Introducing: The Samsung Mac Mini.

We’re not one to harp on every single thing Samsung seemingly “borrows” from Apple’s design department. But their latest Chromebox Series 3 device is yet another example of Samsung’s incredible originality talent reproduction skills. We’re sure Apple has noticed the too-close-for-comfort design choices Samsung’s made here. That said, considering Chrome OS itself is a minuscule spec in the platform ecosystem, Apple has bigger fish to fry at this point.


Via: BGR

  • admin 1

    This article has been duplicated on many blogs. I suspect that the author may be one of Apple’s PR agents connected with Apple’s SCO style trial media slurring of Samsung.

    • The Gadgeteur

      Tighten your tin foil hat. It’s coming loose.

  • G64

    Im trying to figure out if this author is of the Apple-only breed. Man, that’s a tough one….I guess we’ll never know.