The Toaster Of The Future Is Here.

3D printers are all the rage. For companies who actually produce parts of things that then go and are used in manufacturing other parts of things, they’re great. For mainstream consumers they’re still an unobtainable item. For starters, 3D printers cost a fortune. Second, the items that can be printed are mostly casts/molds to use in the creation of more consumer focused items. Until I can start printing food (or phones) I’m not going to care.

While this nifty toast “printer” isn’t creating something out of nothing, it is a nifty contraption nonetheless should you be tired of the normal 2/4-slot toaster currently residing on your countertop. Much like a paper printer, bread is stacked and neatly shuttled through the toasting element one at a time where it is then shot out the bottom ready to be layered in the topping of your choice. The future is now…

Via: Dornob