Review: Coolermaster Jas Pro Aluminum MacBook Pro Stand.

Do you really need a laptop stand? More often than not we’d usually have said no. Unless your laptop has the thermodynamics of the sun and requires as much airflow as humanly possible, sitting your laptop flat on any given surface and going about your duties is fine. Cooling issues aside, propping a laptop up on a desk has never been something we do. That said, the accessory market is full of various types of stands in different colors, sizes and shapes. Today, we’re seeing if CoolerMaster’s JasPro MacBook Pro stand can impress enough to want to prop up our rMPB each and every morning. Let’s take a look.

Design & Construction

Upon opening the Jas Pro and pulling it from the (snug fitting) box, you’ll find that it is a tank. Despite being constructed out of aluminum, it’s no lightweight. At no point did we ever feel that our rMPB would fall out of the Jas Pro to its death. Similarly, the feet of the Jas Pro are covered in a cushy yet strong, thick padding that keeps a death grip on our finished wood desktop. Pushing the stand around, provided you push low and slow, is possible. But the combination of grippy base and heavy weight mean the Jas Pro (and your Mac) are staying exactly where you placed them.

As an added bonus, when not in use you can fold the Jas Pro completely flat for storage in a drawer. Mind you, this foldability also allows the Jas Pro to take on a number of angles and heights so that your Mac is always at the perfect working height.

Not Just For Mac

While we’re focusing on Mac usage, the Jas Pro will accommodate any generation of iPad too, further adding to the stand’s utility. For our testing, we preferred using it with our Mac more often than not.

The Stand Of Stands

As far as stands go, we’re really feeling CoolerMaster’s vibe here. The all-aluminum construction looks and feels awesome. Add to that the sturdy stance that won’t falter and you’ve got one of the best static objects money will buy. Speaking of which, the Jas Pro retails for $70. It’s not exactly an impulse buy of sorts, though, because of the aforementioned qualities we feel the price is justified.

For the person that wants their laptop stand to perform well and reliably as well as look good doing it, CoolerMaster’s Jas Pro is a worth your consideration.

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Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 9/10