Review: CoolerMaster Aluminum L-Stand.

If you’ve got two sweet Cinema displays (or multiple counts of your own personal favorite monitor), there’s no need to use your laptop display or this sleek, aluminum laptop stand that we reviewed the other day (CoolerMaster Jas Pro). For you, hiding your laptop up off your desk and out of the way is what’s needed. You could buy some cheap, flimsy plastic thing to hold your play/work machine. But don’t you want something that works well and looks good to boot?

Exhibit A: CoolerMaster’s L-Stand.

Design & Construction

Much like the Jas Pro laptop stand, the L-Stand feature an all-aluminum design with one small deviation from the Jas Pro - polished edges. Now, it might not sound like much. But when you see the polished edges of the L-Stand in person, you’ll see just how much nicer and higher quality it makes the L-Stand look. In fact, the polished aluminum edges are so shiny that at first glance we thought they were chrome accents.

The inside of the aluminum arch as well as a strip all along the center of the L-Stand’s top-facing part of the base is covered in a layer of the same grippy, cushy rubber found on the L-Stand’s underside (as well as the base of the Jas Pro). Don’t worry. You’re precious laptop won’t get any scratches sliding in and out of the L-Stand.

CoolerMaster gets big points here with the L-Stand. Like the Jas Pro, the solid aluminum makes it nice and weighty so that sliding around your desktop will be the furthest thing from your mind. And as we’ve stated many times over, the thing is freakin’ beautiful. Even without any laptop sitting inside of it, the L-Stand easily takes your desktop space up a few notches in look and appearance.

*CoolerMaster L-Stand accommodates any size MacBook Pro and Air.

Do You Really Need It?

Let’s be real. You never really need another gadget or gadget accessory. But if you’re a laptop user who also happens to use multiple monitors for a home setup, the L-Stand is the perfect guard to your trusty laptop, and it just so happens the all-aluminum design perfectly blends in with Apple’s unibody, aluminum MacBook Pros. The combination of simple utility and killer looks makes this another home run from CoolerMaster worthy enough to sit on your desk.

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Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 9/10