Review: G-Form Extreme Edge For The iPad

One sunny afternoon in Portland, a box arrives at my door. What could it be? A bullet proof vest? A shield to use against the Dothrakis or The Lannesters? Nope, it’s a brand new case for the iPad. I’m sure you’ve seen the videos by now of the iPad dropping 100,000 feet and being fully functional after the drop. The idea is outstanding, but the scenario is one that only a fraction of the World will actually try, or even care about. With every release of an iDevice, we see some stupid idiots outside their local Best Buy beat the bollocks out of a brand new iPad or iPhone they waited in line 3 days for. Since they have no responsibilities and their parents have a crap-ton of disposable income, these dumb children destroying a product people worked really hard to design and build. But, there are the few out there that are into extreme-whatevers that may need a little extra protection on their snazzy new iPad that they spent their hard-earned dollars on.

Wither you are a mountain biker, rock climber or sky diver, G-Form has you covered with an extreme line of cases for all of your devices. The one we have here today is the G-Form Extreme Edge that has RPT material on the inside, the other option is having the RPT material on the outside. The Extreme Edge is an open-faced case that is extremely rugged and probably one of the most shock-absorbent cases I have ever seen. Having such a beefy case be open faced is a bold move, but G-Form creates a product that will protect your iPad from a variety of different drops or chucks.

The highly lightweight case is nothing short of anti-gorgeous design. In all honesty, I really think the case clashes with the gorgeous design of the iPad, not that you can really see any of the iPad once the case is installed. Coming in both black and yellow, the case really stands out as bulky, and somewhat of a nuisance while attached to your iPad.

I found it almost impossible to naturally hold and use the iPad for every-day usage. The bulky corners that protect the front of the iPad, being extremely hard to maneuver to even fit the iPad in (I’ll get to that later) stick out over an 1/2 off of the iPad’s screen, making a natural hold of the corners nearly impossible. This design does make you 110% comfortable in not dropping the device though. But if you happened to do just that, you’ll be fine. These bulky corners I speak of protected my iPad from the 1 and 2 foot drops I performed while using the case. I was really weary about dropping my iPad, as we have maxed out the Gadgetseria Amex, so I knew I wouldn’t be getting a new one, but I did it any way for the benefit of you, the reader. The bulk that is given makes the case just as secure as a full protection case that would wrap around your iPad.

Having the RPT material on the inside of the case, gives a canvasy look around the entire iPad. Having the black model, I actually liked that over having the shiny RPT material on the outside. But, having the RPT on the inside, gave a feeling of half-assed build quality. I feel someone cut the material with a dull pair of scissors, and then burnt the loose threads with a lighter and singed them to a rough edge. But, the material is a water-resistant, military grade ballistic fabric that can take a beating. No matter how it looks, you can chuck this iPad at your annoying boss and not worry about the iPad’s well-being at all. As I said above, the case is lightweight, I don’t feel it weighs in at the 6oz claim, but it is lighter than I would assume a case of this caliber would be.

Putting the iPad into this case was one of the most difficult times I’ve had with any hardware-to-case application. It took stretching the corners back while holding the iPad between my legs and my neck and forcing it in while stretch back the material. It took me 3 tries, and about 2 beers to get it in, and after getting it, I never felt like it was centered and looked right. I am a very OCD (CDO :) ) person, so not having my gorgeous iPad sit squared in this case has bugged me for the past week. The iPad doesn’t shift at all though while in the case, so you really don’t have to worry about it falling out after getting it in.

There is a notch for the camera, so you can take pictures upon launching out of a plane at 100,000 feet. This was probably one of the only few features about the case I liked, and there aren’t really any other manufacturers out there that don’t have a slot for the camera to peak out. You have no access to the volume/mute buttons, as well as the lock button on the top. I found something odd about this, as you can see in the picture above, there is a slit cut out on the top left of the iPad (I’m assuming it’s for the headphones) but it would of been just as simple to create the same notch on the other side to give us access to turning our iPad off. I for one found this horrible. I have mine set to never sleep, so after turning it on, it’s a mad dash at bending and folding that top corner in hopes it will tap that button to lock my iPad. Luckily my Bluetooth keyboard has a lock button, or my iPad would be on for the rest of my life - thanks to that kick-arse battery!

The Good

  • Incredible protection
  • Open-face design
  • Water-Resistant
  • Camera and headphone openings

The Bad

  • Almost impossible to touch the display in the corners
  • Limited to unnatural grips of the iPad
  • No access to volume/mute or on/off buttons
  • Barely any access to 30-pin connector

Wrap Up

The Extreme Edge from G-From is a tough and rugged case that gives any user the piece of mind that their iPad will be protected. But that is just the question, who really is the user that will have this on their iPad every day. I in no way could find myself comfortable with this case on at my finger tips day in and day out. It’s an unnatural feeling that leaves you annoyed at every gesture. Having to try to touch a corner, or force the iPad to go to sleep is something every average user will hate. If you plan on jumping out of air planes every day, then this case is for you, unless you want to adjust the volume of that Game Of Thrones episode on your way down. For $44.99, the Extreme Edge won’t necessarily please the eye, but it won’t break like your face as you deal with a parachute that won’t open. For the adventurist type, I could possibly recommend this, but with the recent release of the Life Proof iPad case for a whopping $110 more, I would have to say saving up and getting that is a better idea.

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Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 4/10